Thursday, April 28, 2011

The solution you have been seeking.

Have you and your little one been going through poop issues that words just can't describe?  Either they never liked pooping or all of a sudden just stopped and you are at your wits end.  Well, you have come to the right place. I have come across a way to get your child not only to poop but to take joy in it!  No more worries about the potty and soiled underwear.  No more stress wondering why this is happening and how to help your child through it.  After much searching and with frazzled nerves you have finally come across a solution that should help.  But before I tell you my solution I urge you to talk with your child's doctor about what to give him/her initially to get the plug of poop out so things can come out easily.  Your doctor may prescribe Little Tummies at night and a dosage of MiraLAX a day depending on your child's age and weight.  It is important to get the right dosage.  Once the proper dosage has been administered it is vital that you keep a very, very, close eye on your little one and get them on the potty with their legs apart (so they can't hold back the poop) when they get the urge to go.  You will find that a little activity will get things going.  Stay in the house and close to a bathroom.  A game of tag or hide and go seek might work.  You really just want to get them up on their feet and moving around as it seems to help stimulate the urge to poop.  When the urge hits them, you should get your child to the potty quickly and cheer him/her on and let them know this is is coming out...yay!  Stay with them and try to keep their legs apart.  If the urge passes then do not harp on it.  Get them off the potty and wait for the next wave to hit.  The less you stress here the better.  Keep a positive attitude and let them know you love them.  Eventually you will get it timed perfectly and with the right mix of stopping them from holding it while cheering about the poop coming out and the plug of poop will be behind you.  Once this has happened it is time to get on with the plan to happy pooping!  Here's how it works:
Before you start with the Little Tummies and MiraLAX you will want to make a special date with your little one.  Add as much excitement as possible to this step as it is what the plan hinges on to make it work.  You tell your little one that you have a plan and then ask them if they want to hear it.  Remember to act excited.  The plan is that they get to earn rewards.  Without putting any pressure on the poop point, tell them that they will receive a sticker on a calendar for every time they poop (one as big or bigger than your thumb).  And for every six stickers they get a reward of their choice.  You will need to put a limit on price here or maybe even have something free that they want like going to the park for the day.  Explain to them that the poops do not have to be in a row but there has to be six of them.  You can limit it to one sticker a day but I reccomend letting them earn however many stickers as they poop in one day.  After the plug comes out they probably will have a few poops in one day which is a great way to get the rewards flowing which adds to your child's excitement.  So, before you start all of this, get your child on board and make a date to get some supplies.  Then, go out and find three sets of stickers (example: hearts, smileys, stars) so you can change the stickers every time they win a reward.  This makes it easier to track the next reward.  You should also let your child pick out a special calendar for the reward stickers to go on.  The calendar should be hung in a place that your child can see as a reminder of the plan so you don't have to remind them to poop.  I suggest you have your child choose some rewards that they want to earn.  You can then put them in a box (if it is something like a day at the park make a reward out of construction paper and put it in the box) so they can run to the box and choose something once they have six stickers.  Once you have all of this in place it is time to get started on the Little Tummies and MiraLAX.  Stay as calm as possible and once the plug has come out do not put any pressure on your child to poop.  Add as much excitement as you can about the plan and let them make the decisions about which calendar, stickers and rewards they want so it is something they can feel excited about.  Once they do poop you should let them know how proud you are of them and do happy dances with them.  They will enjoy the fun of it and the stress will start to melt away.  It may take some time to get them going but if the calendar is in view to remind them and they know the rewards are there for the taking they will soon start to poop.  Good luck!